Yanginanook Middle School

Years 7 and 8

Yanginanook’s vision to expand into HIgh School is now a reality. Our experienced teaching staff are motivated and excited about the hands-on and individualised learning opportunities that all our students now experience as they enter the challenging teenage years.

The Learning Environment

Our Year 7 and 8 classes are taught by qualified teachers who specialise in different subject areas. Programming is individualised to meet the needs and interests of our students. Our aim is to enable students to develop a strong sense of self and an independent love for learning – that includes both creative and academic components – that will equip them for the later high school years and life!


We provide our students with a stimulating curriculum that meets all the mandatory NESA requirements for the RoSA. As our teachers usually teach more than one content area, there will be a natural connection between subjects. This teaching incorporates real-world learning instead of separate knowledge areas not working together. Our curriculum is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child so that they can produce quality work to the best of their ability. 

To teach the subjects below, our teachers will use a variety of teaching strategies and techniques; including face-to-face teaching, independent and group work activities, technology and practical experiences (extending the learning environment into our magnificent bush land setting). 





Human Society and its Environment (History and Geography)



Visual Arts

Mandatory Technology

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education


Technology is a part of our modern world and it is vital that our students learn to navigate and negotiate the digital world appropriately and safely. In Years 7 and 8, Yanginanook will require each student to bring their own device (a laptop that has access to the internet with Microsoft Word, etc.).  Technology will be integrated into many aspects of the curriculum at the teachers’ discretion through our Google Classroom


The High School classroom is a small, bright, refurbished learning space. There is a desk area, small kitchenette and space for the students to store their belongings. Our students will have access to the main schoolhouse (library, learning areas and full kitchen) when required.

Parental involvement

In the primary school years, children need parents to be involved in all aspects of their life; however, as children move into the teenage years we recognise that this involvement changes as children begin to become independent. As our teenagers become independent it is important to ensure that they start to make their own choices in a supportive environment. This means that there will be certain expectations on our students – for them to try their best in all aspects of school life so they can achieve personal success.


We believe that students will need to commence minimal homework in Year 7 to develop self-discipline in their own learning, especially if it involves completing unfinished work from class. There will also be the need for our teachers to set certain relevant assignments that must be handed in by a due date.  Parental involvement in homework will vary from child to child. Some students will complete their work independently, others will need to be reminded and encouraged to complete their work, whereas others will need assistance to plan and complete their work. The teachers will work closely with the parents to ensure that the homework set is both helpful and necessary for each student’s learning.

School Policies

Yanginanook School is required to meet all legislative requirements from governing bodies. Parents have access to all polices and these are readily available in our office area.  

Social life

Yanginanook understands that school is just a part of life; however, due to our small size, students will be able to develop strong relationships that will benefit each child socially and academically. Teachers and students will work together, encouraging each student to recognise and be all that God has made them to be.

Parents, families and outside school relationships play an important role in the life of each student. It is therefore important for us to keep open and healthy relationships between parents/carers, teachers and students. If any issues arise, it is important to make contact (during appropriate school hours) to discuss any issues and sort through any problems together. Please refer to the Complaints and Grievance Policy for further details.

Students are encouraged to build and maintain friendships outside school and to participate in activities of interest that will expand their ‘world’ and help them to develop a wider range of skills. Our small numbers will mean that our Year 7 and 8 students will be able to maintain and develop relationships with the students in the primary school. They will be involved in mentoring the younger students through specific programs, e.g. reading, playing games, etc.

Our multi-age environment is a unique characteristic of Yanginanook and ensures that students will never be lost in a crowd and that no artificial barriers occur between different ages. All our students learn to work together as a larger family. All our students are known for who they are and they are not expected to change to be the same as others.