We had heard about Yanginanook from friends whose children attended. Their kids were testimonial enough - it was obvious that the school was a calm and nurturing environment, ideal for effective learning. We particularly liked the 'no uniform' and 'no homework' policies. When we explored the school further we discovered the unique ethos of the school. Leadership skills develop naturally as the older kids are actively encouraged to be the role models for the younger ones. Parental involvement in all aspects of the school environment is welcomed, building a sense of community. Students learn at their own pace, in a safe environment of acceptance and respect. And they have so much fun! So when our two girls went to Yanginanook they loved it from day one! Yangi is an integral part of our family and community.

Dave & Jo, parents of Pei (Year 1) & Wei (Year 4)


My husband and I chose Yanginanook because we were so impressed with a friend's son's behaviour. At the age of 6 or 7, I saw that Christian had the social skills of a well-adjusted teenager. He was able to speak to me directly and was happy to look after and play with my younger children. It was jaw-dropping! I was on the phone to the school the next day, booked a tour and organised orientation days for my daughter Audrey. I had been struggling with whether to send Audrey to school or hold her back another year. The Teacher, Ann, was quick to say that because of the school's flexibility in catering for individual children we could take our time in the enrolment process. So half way through the year, we enrolled Audrey, and have never looked back. Our youngest, Reginald, now also goes to Yangi and we started him with a full year of pre-school. I can't speak highly enough of Yanginanook and its beautiful Christian values. Ann's style is unique, loving, compassionate and at times miraculous. The small community of parents is also very special; we all contribute in various ways to the success of the school. My husband and I are indebted to this wonderful primary school.

Louise, parent of Reginald (Year 1) & Audrey (Year 3)


Yanginanook is a remarkable haven. Kids can thrive at their own level and pace. The child is the starting point and not the academic grade level. The freedom and success that Yangi has given our son has been life-changing. Each child thrives, grouped for key learning areas according to their ability and not their age. The School House is a buzzing hive each day, from computers in one room to an extensive library in another. Outside is a kid's paradise with so much to explore. Children can watch tadpoles, play on the play equipment, dig in the sand and create a variety of activities with their imagination in the beautiful surroundings. There is certainly no concrete playground at Yanginanook! We are so spoilt to have Baxter spend his primary school years here.

Bronte and Kendall, parents of Baxter (Year 5)


While searching for a Christian school, for our son Daniel to begin Kindy, we stumbled upon Yanginanook and were impressed by its unique approach, family atmosphere and friendly staff. It seemed like the kind of school that we would have liked to have gone to (if we had the opportunity). Daniel loves going to school every day, and is maturing both academically and socially. He benefits from being with a small group of kids his own age and from learning and playing with the older kids. It's a sacrifice in travel time for us to go to this school, as we live about 10km away, but it’s worth it for the impact it's making on his learning and personal development. We highly recommend it.

Chris & Isabel, parents of Daniel (Year 1)  


Yanginanook was the kind of place that we had been hoping would exist for our four children. We had read about places where children were engaged in a learning environment that fostered the unique capability and temperament of each child. Imagine our joy when we came across this remarkable school. It fitted all of these criteria and more! Our children have now left the school and are doing very well both academically and socially at high school and university. Our eldest achieved Dux of Mackellar Girls High. Yanginanook has been a tremendous gift to all of our family.

Margaret and James Thwaites