Affordable School Fees

The Yanginanook School fees for 2017 are $1050.00 per child, per term

(Kindergarten Students $1025.00). 

These fees include all text books, sporting fees (swimming, gymnastics, tennis, etc) and other school resources. 

Family sibling discounts:

$825.00 for the second child, per term. 

$725.00 for the third child, per term.

A contribution of $100.00 per family to the voluntary Building Fund ensures that adequate maintenance and repairs can be made to the school grounds and buildings. This contribution is tax deductible. 

Family School Fees by instalment option for 2017

  Annual Fees    Per term    Monthly x12    Weekly x44

1 child

$4200.00 $1050.00 $350.00 $94.45
2 children 



$625.00 (2 children)

$170.45 (2 children)

3 children

$2900.00 $725.00 $867.00 (3 children) $236.36 (3 children)

For further information please contact the School's office here