Enrolment @ Yanginanook

Yanginanook has an open-door policy where families and carers considering our exciting enrolment opportunities are encouraged to book a school tour. We are much smaller than other schools in our area and understand that this raises questions about our unique educational approach. To gain an understanding of what we have to offer, we suggest you come in and have a look! To book a school tour, or to ask any questions, please send us an email or phone the school. For contact information, please click here.  


Enrolment Procedures

Enrolments are processed in order of receipt and careful consideration is given to each applicant based on his or her individual needs and the on going needs of the current student body. Continued enrolment is also based on these requirements.
Yanginanook has successfully educated students with special needs. All students undergo the same enrolment process as outlined in our Enrolment Policy. The parents or carers of students with special needs are asked to define clearly the learning needs of their child, and the advice of an external specialist may be sought if deemed necessary. We aim to assess the specific needs of each student so that it can be realistically determined whether his or her needs can be met in our small school.

Click here for Yanginanook's Enrolment Policy 2020