Our Christian Philosophy 

Yanginanook believes that every child is unique and made in the image of God.

At Yanginanook, teaching staff and families work together to meet the needs of the student body and school community. This approach ensures children experience continuity between school and home, helping them to feel secure so that they have the freedom to develop confidence and independence. We acknowledge that often the most significant teachers that children have are their parents and carers. We work with parents and carers to develop an educational program for the whole child - to meet the academic, social, physical and spiritual needs of all our students. 

Yanginanook is different. Instead of moving towards a larger institution, we have remained a small, Christian community schoolhouse that simply focuses on the needs of our students - by choice! Our students work together in a stimulating learning environment that promotes mutual respect, positive behaviours and excellence in learning - without the negatives of peer pressure and unrealistic expectations. Children come to school each day and experience the reality of working together in a community that aims to meet each other's needs. 


Our Christian Program

Our educational program follows the The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus and is taught from a Christian perspective. We want our students to know that they are precious and loved by Jesus and that He has a plan for their lives. Each week the Bible is shared and discussed. Our students are encouraged to ask questions and seek the Truth for themselves. Prayer points are shared each day and the children have the opportunity to pray with and for each other. The school also currently has a Youth Pastor serving as a School Chaplain for a half a day each week. 

What does non-denominational mean?

Yanginanook is not supervised or run by a specific church. We are a school that is directed and maintained by a small, faithful group of parents.

Yanginanook has been a member of Christian Schools Australia since 2002.  

We are also a member of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW